ASA#773632446 has a Token its intended purpose, (once wallet integration is complete) is for utility on the site. It is not a security or a representation of ownership or equity stake in In the future the ASAi Token may also be used to participate in governance of the platform. Currently the token is tradeable on TinyMan and may be added to any of the various DEXes that support exchange of ASAs (Algorand Standard Assets)

Rewards program

Starting July 7th holders of ASAi Token will automatically receive daily rewards for simply holding the token or providing liquidity on the Tinyman pool.

Note: The minimum to participate is 5,000 ASAi or 1 LP token on Tinyman.

*Liquidity providers now earn higher rewards!

ASA#773632446 Total Minted 250M

Wallet Addresses:






The only Tokens in circulation are the Tiny Liquidity Pool 10% or 25MM. The other 30% in the wallets above are set aside for future programs like staking rewards, or raising more liquidity. These accounts have been posted for transparency purposes.

Currently 2 million ASAi Tokens are available to be earned in rewards programs.

Be sure to add your wallet address when completing your user profile, users with complete profiles may be eligible for future airdrops.